The SSPX to be given personal prelature?
(07-29-2016, 06:11 PM)Steven Wrote: I just saw this article: SSPX Will Get Personal Prelature. (Fr. Z has it too.)

Quote:C & W: Why is a Personal Prelature appropriate for the SSPX?

Pozzo: That seems to be the appropriate canonical form. Monsignor Fellay has accepted the proposal, even if in the coming months details remain to be clarified. Only Opus Dei currently enjoys this canonical structure, which is a big vote of confidence for the SSPX. It is clear that the solution of the canonical form requires the solution of the doctrinal questions.

My favourite quote of the article is this, which I think is applicable to all of our Latin Mass communities: "The Fraternity does not, as is often claimed, only value the traditional liturgy, but also has substantive work." -Msgr. Pozzo

This really isn't news.

It was long ago established and publicized that the structure that the Holy See envisiged for the SSPX was a Personal Prelature.

That means that this was not recently decided and does not necessarily (or even probably) reflect any recent developments, and thus even less some imminent "regularization".

It is probably a PR response to the recent press releases from Bishop Fellay in which he said that the Society's first goal was not canonical status, but the continued formation of holy priests; and in which he explicitly said that the errors which fuel the crisis go all the way to the Pope.

That produced backlash in which it was speculated that the SSPX was rejecting any "deal", whereas a literal reading did not support that. It is possible that Msgr. Pozzo (who is charged with doing exactly this kind of PR work), gave this information to help keep the story alive and correct the erroneous speculations.

This is a typical reaction, however. So many people hang on every word from the mount of the press on the SSPX. Whatever happens, nothing will change overnight. The history of the Church shows that many times over.

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