Who killed more Jews .The Hitler or the Catholic Church?

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Who killed more Jews .The Hitler or the Catholic Church?

Update: oops not the hitler ment nazi germany in general

Update 2: sorry about "the hitler " i mean nazi germany in general and this question spans history as far as the church goes.

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Best Answer Wrote:Why can't you have it both ways? Though not a practicing Catholic, Adolf Hitler was born & raised a Catholic and the Catholic Church demonized Jews throughout Hitler's childhood. The Catholic Church helped Hitler obtain power and the Catholic Church sanctioned Nazi actions against recalcitrant Catholic Churches in Germany, actions such as rounding up priests & nuns accused of being homosexuals.

Many of the leading Nazi's were Catholics and no doubt many of them were conforted in the confessional by Priests assuring them that their actions were justified.
Over the course of Centuries there is no doubt that the Catholic Church killed many more Jews than the Nazi Holocaust and can lay claim to the Holocaust as a sort of step-child.


Note; Catholic Poland though 'mad' at Hitler for what he did to their Nation still has praise for Hitler and the Nazis for making Poland 'Jew Free.'

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Second Response Wrote:Well Hitler killed more in the shortest amount of time, but over history it could be the Catholic Church......

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