Got my first pipe for smoking.
(08-03-2016, 10:51 PM)AugustineNYC Wrote: I'm an ex smoker myself, no one is more strict than the reformed am I right?  No you're not Hitler obviously but the vitriol that is being directed at smokers is ridiculous and frankly smacks a bit of fascism.  They're smokers but they're still people.  What about all the drinking related deaths and spousal abuse and so on and so forth (4 martini lunches!), should we round up the alcohol?

My sister is an ex addict, shes never been able to kick cigarettes for long, no I don't love the smoke smell in everything but I'll take that over not having her around. If cigarettes get her (shrug), something has to get her to heaven.

GRA try your pipe and enjoy it responsibly while you can. Yes cancer is real, painful, many times fatal and expensive but God gave you free will and the last time I looked it's not a sin although  Nuchurch may tack that one on soon. I too have a Missouri Meerschaum, a Diplomat and  a Legend. Theyre very nice and can last a surprisingly long time especially they way I smoke them.  I also have a Falcon, that's a lot of fun and a Roma Rhodesian.  I think the last time I had a bowl was two or three months ago LOL! 

Any tobacco product can be addictive, yes J you're correct,  so be careful and also please be careful of your consumption of red meat and white bread, Jay walking, riding without a helmet, eating too many twinkies and whatever else you may do that is unhealthy.

We tried banning alcohol.  It didn't work. 

I know plenty of "ex"-addicts.  Well, guess what...they're still addicts, and the ones that smoke are addicted to...tobacco, too.  And yes, I do know very, very, very well that for a drug or alcohol addict, smoking can be the lesser of two evils, and very difficult to quit.  But, I'm guessing that neither you or GRA are addicts.  So...again...why choose to pollute yourselves AND others??

Living is hazardous to your health and ALWAYS results in death.  In the meantime, why consciously choose a nasty, smelly, obnoxious "hobby" ( ???  I've never heard of anyone smoking anything for a hobby) that is dangerous to your health, and worse, dangerous to the health of others??  If you want to harm yourself, that's one thing.  But doing something that you know ahead of time is dangerous to the health of others, is, imnsho, totally irresponsible--even if you do only "occasionally".  And, with smoking, amongst other things, "occasionally" frequently turns into habitually, without one even being aware of it.

But...that's what you wanna do....? ??? ??? :eyeroll: :eyeroll: :eyeroll:  It's a free country.  Well...sort of...

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