Things Accelerate Toward the End – Prophecy of Archbishop Fulton Sheen
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(08-12-2016, 01:21 PM)J Michael Wrote: Was there ever a time since Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection that there were NOT people who believed they were in the End Times?

Doubt it  :LOL:. I do think something major will happen at some point soon, there's only so far things can degrade... but I'm not sure that it will be the end of the world (or at least just not yet). Although there is a decent amount of prophesy pointing to this time in the world's history as being the end or near the end.

Either way, it's out of my hands and focusing on that rather than on my own repentance and on being in the world in such a manner that others may stand some chance, however little it might be, of coming to Christ is, imnsho, a waste of time and energy.

Agreed, but then again we are posting on a message board, of course these topics will come up from time to time. I personally don't waste much time or energy on them.

Yes indeed, J. Michael, et al!

When you get down to the end of 'the end', it will be and is all about SOULS, and where they go.

If that is the case, and it is, then it is everyone's ultimate responsibility to get one's self right with The Almighty, to do some heavy duty maintenance on our way of life and our Spiritual connections. St. John said we were in the Last Days since the day Christ left for Heaven and that the enemy had many antichrists around even in his day. How many more now, two millennia later?

Utilize your 'Prayer Bones', get to confession...frequently, attend Mass, daily if you can and receive Christ in Communion and PRAY THE ROSARY!

All of these things, except for the Rosary, perhaps, may be limited to us in the coming months. Evil is on steroids these days, Satan knows his time is very short before the final battle, so he is doubling down. A quick glance at the world news is very illustrative of this fact. If Venerable Fulton Sheen saw this in the 1950's, how much more immediate a threat is it now?

Christ help us!


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