Swearing and lewd humor
I have been trying to work on weeding out the venial sins I perform so I am trying to curtail my swearing and off color humor. It is my hope to even get rid of all the Heck and Jeez too. First, any advice on this would be welcome.

Secondly, while my efforts seem to largely be successful, my job is very stressful and conducive to this sort of thing; I work around a lot of filthy language.  Believe it or not its an office. Unfortunately people there know me for this and it seems ironic that my  new demeanor is off-putting whereas my old one was welcome. While I am pleased to suffer the irritation for the Lord any advice in handling this would be greatfully welcome. Has anyone here ever experienced this kind of thing?
I think swearing and lewd humour are pretty common venal sins that many people experience.  For this reason, I think you'll receive lots of advice that you can use.  Like you, this has been something I've constantly had to focus on.  A little word there, another here. It added up.  So, I did two things that really worked and stifled my swearing..  One is the typical old method of the swear jar.  Multiple jars or containers where I spend the most time or expect to say something I shouldn't.  So, one in different rooms of the house, the car, desk at work and in my gym bag.  With all that money, I'd make a donation to my church or a good Catholic charity (besides the already donated main donations).  That way, I am transforming something bad into something good.  Further, it reminds me while God wants good deeds, He would prefer my better behaviour than my money.

Another very simple thing I've done is wear a piece of string as a reminder to watch my behaviour.  Noticing this on my wrist reminds me to change my language or shift my frame of mind.  Now, I'm a female so I can get away with it, but now instead of a string, I've been wearing a rosary bracelet with the same purpose.

I still suffer from the dark sense of humour typical of Russians so if I consciously find myself getting carried away, I police my own actions and put a stop to it.  If I let it slip, I say a few prayers quietly asking for forgiveness and strength to prevent such actions in the future.  So, I'm not sure if any of these tips will help you but it's better to offer support than nothing at all.

My boyfriend works in a similar situation as you.  It's a "guy's guy" sort of environment so there's a lot of swearing and lewd talk.  Previously, he'd cuss with the best of them and everyone thought it was just superb.  Now that he's more involved in spiritual life, he's making a conscious effort to stop this kind of speech.  Naturally, his co-workers, who have become his friends, get defensive and ask what got up his behind.  He's learned to say the Jesus Prayer anytime he's messed up or in situations where the language is pretty nuts.  As well, he knows that he can't change their actions but he can control how he acts or reacts in times of sin.

So, anyways, not really any good information but I hope it helps.  God bless.

Tell your office workers you're trying to stop cussing so much. You can give them a reason why or not, and if you give them a reason but don't want to get into religion, you could (assuming it's also true) tell them you want to break the habit because, for ex., you don't want your kids picking it up or whatever. Then set up a cuss jar and ask them to call you out on it when you slip. They'd undoubtedly be GLAD to -- especially if the money would be used to buy food for the office or given to a charity all agree on or something. And every time you throw a quarter or 50 cents into the jar, make a tick mark in a notebook, too, so you can see how much you're progressing day by day.

Do the same sort of thing at home if you're a family man/live with others. Get others to hold you accountable. And hold yourself accountable as well, tossing in your coin even when others aren't around.

Me, I'm not worried about "dirty word" sort of cussing, but am verrrrry bothered by the taking of the Lord's Name in vain. I always make retribution by praying, silently or aloud, "sit Nomen Domini benedictum" when I hear His Name taken in vain. Praying it aloud when others are around makes a point and might make them more conscious of talking that way around you.

What Zubr wrote about wearing something to physically remind you is a good idea. Maybe a ring could work for a guy. Have a wallpaper on your phone that will remind you. And one on your computer desktop. Set an alarm to go off every hour throughout the day just to remind you, to put it into your head what you're working on. Make use of whatever it is you look at or otherwise come into contact with repeatedly throughout the day.

Whenever you screw up, whenever you toss a coin into the jar and make a tick mark in your notebook or otherwise fail, say the Jesus Prayer for grace to overcome your habit.

S'all I got for ya.

Thank you both, that's a lot of good ideas. I was a little reluctant to involve my coworkers but not so much now. Thanks!
:pray: :pray: :pray:
I have a real potty mouth when I get mad.  I am inspired by these ideas to try to curb it all.  I especially like the jar, because good coming from my foul mouth would certainly help me deal better with my missteps.

Thanks everyone!

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