Martin Luther was a ‘teacher of the faith’, say German bishops
Yeah, that "We're so sorry for indulgences" shtick is really, really getting old. It's clear that it's just a cover for working through other, more modern grievances. "Pleasing everyone". Now that's what it's about. Cardinal Bellarmine didn't "soberly reconsider" the events of the 16th century, that's for sure.  :LOL:

Scripture as the center and standard for all Christian life... wow! So much for Catholicism, the Fathers, and the whole deposit passed down from the Apostles. What the heck? How has it even come to this? Do these bishops just not care? Was the 60s-70s entirely one big group-hug without any substance? What a waste of time!

Dialoguing. It's hard to believe how so silly a word could be so ugly, too.

Is there really any point in praying that this event doesn't go forward, or that the bishops change their minds? They seem pretty wilful against the plain old truth of former ages as it is, already. It'll take a pretty big bucket of heart-softening grace to bring the stubbornness level down.

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