Martin Luther was a ‘teacher of the faith’, say German bishops
(08-15-2016, 09:15 AM)SaintSebastian Wrote: Yeah, these things don't help Catholic identity--I think even your average low info Catholic doesn't think honoring Luther is a good idea.  And the Catholic clergy aren't the only ones caught up in this: the EOs are also celebrating the Reformation with the Protestants.

The Greeks have been a mixed bag for centuries. They engaged in selling a form of indulgences, and from the Orthodox perspective their officials sold out at the Council of Florence. They were also instrumental in the whole calendar issue that has racked the Orthodox world since the 1920's. The bottom line is for the most part the leaders of the major churches be they Roman or Greek have a long history of being less than faithful. That the EP is going for this is no surprise.

What can we all do? World Christianity is a mess, especially at the level of the hierarchies. They are mostly faithless toothless bureaucrats. I hate to be so blunt but that's how I see it. Its sad but it's probably always the way it's been. The serious and devout are always few and far between. Just think about it, how many truly holy bishops have their been? We know plenty from the lives of saints but the bulk of the bishops throughout history were probably not all that great.

We can hold to our Faith in spite of the seeming faithlessness of the hierarchy. What other options are on the table other than walking away altogether, something I know I'm not willing to do.


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