Nun Robbed Of Rosary Beads At Knifepoint

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Nun Robbed Of Rosary Beads At Knifepoint
August 22, 2016 10:23 AM

QUINCY (CBS) – A nun was the victim of a robbery in Quincy Sunday afternoon, and police say the suspect took her rosary beads.

Authorities said a sister at The Daughters Of Mary of Nazareth Convent was walking on Phipps Street by Water Street just after 2 p.m. when a woman approached and tried to grab a small satchel from her hand.

The suspect and the nun struggled while another woman acted as a lookout, officials said. The nun noticed the suspect was holding a small knife, and opened the satchel to show her that there was no money inside, just rosary beads, a key and a small memento.

“I guess I’ll take the rosary beads,” the suspect said.

The nun was able to get back to her convent safely. She was wearing civilian clothing at the time of the robbery.

Vox Wrote:
"Civilian' clothing" -- sounds strange, as if the nun -- really, undoubtedly, a religious sister and not a "nun" at all -- is a soldier or something. Anyway, if she'd been habited, this likely wouldn't have happened. Alas.

Officers later found two women who matched the nun’s description. They denied they were involved, but police found a small knife on one suspect, as well as a Weymouth resident’s checkbook and six cellphones – three of which were believed to be taken from a break-in on Water Street.

The stolen rosary beads have not yet been recovered.

Vox Wrote:
They prolly pawned them for some meth money.


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