Get Rid of Hiccups in less than 20 Seconds.
This has at least worked for me everytime. Taught to me by my cousin.

Step 1: Find a small object or something that catches your eye wherever your at.

Step 2: Focus your eyes as best as you can on that object and sort of make your self zone out.

Step 3: While looking at that object hold your breath in or try to prevent yourself from breathing but don't do it any longer than 15 seconds. You obviously don't want to try to kill yourself but, this should help prevent that random hiccup shock-like feeling. You might feel the pressure from the hiccup wanting to come out but try to resist it the most you can.

Step 4: Try not to look like a Weirdo in Public while doing it. (Optional lol)

And after all of the steps are done, the hiccups should go away immediately.

Note: I'm not guarenteeing it will work for everyone but its worked for me 99% of the time.
This is very similar to what my boyfriend told me: focus on an image in your mind like the ocean or maybe some clouds. I had the hiccups when he told me and they went away soon after his advice. This has almost always worked for me! :)
Hiccoughs are caused by stimulation of the Phrenic nerve. This nerve, on the left side of the body (there is also a right side to the nerve), passes through the lungs and attaches at end in the diaphragm above the stomach. Most all hiccoughs originate here and often from air or gas in the stomach, which gets caught in the upper area of the stomach and puts pressure on that area of the diaphragm above it, stimulating the nerve. Quite often, just burping can relieve many symptoms, but there certainly are a number of other useful and effective methods too.

I've often found that three, full teaspoons of sugar, all at once works well. Like many other techniques, the performance of the maneuver (whatever it may be) can induce the movement of the offending air bubble to move.

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