Rural Life Prayerbook

The above link is for the Catholic Rural Life Prayerbook and I'm posting it just to share since I've come to love it and think others could come to love it as well. If you like it there are actual book copies of it you can buy on Amazon or other vendors.

It's a book made of of various prayers and blessings for feastdays,seasons and occasions and it's all in English. They even have prayers to bless a sick baby and a bedroom,and according to some notes within the book these are adapted for use of the laity.

You do not have to be a rural dweller to use this, so don't worry.  I can't see a reason why this wouldn't help Catholics foster and live a deeper sacramental life.

The only drawbacks I have with this is that it uses more modern language whereas I prefer hieratic English, but this shouldn't be a deal breaker.  The other drawback is that traditionally certain blessings were reserved to priests,and yet in this are blessings for holy water etc. that are adapted for laymen. I guess in a bind why not,although better to have a priest if possible.
Just glancing through it, what a little gem! Thank-you for sharing!
I love, love, love, love this prayer book!  I received a copy as a Confirmation gift with hopes that I would "grow into it."  It has been such a wonderful resource and greatly loved.  There are many useful prayers for wannabe farmers like myself or if you have large animal pets.  If anyone has any connection to rural life or simply appreciate the Church's role in the changing seasons, I highly suggest it. 

Edit: I should point out it came in handy when my last pony got really sick.  We had him blessed with the Blessing for Sick Animals because I remembered there were two options in the prayer book.  Thanks be to God, he was healed before I had to make drastic decisions.
I love this! I never knew there was a blessing for bacon! Truly sacred among foods.
I'm happy some of you guys have heard of this and made use of it.  Indeed it is awesome that there is a blessing for everything from bread to bacon. 

The way I've experienced it the ONLY way to really make permanent and palpable a sacramental outlook is to immerse yourself in the liturgical year and make use of stuff like this where every meal,season and action is consecrated by prayer and blessing.  By doing this it matters little that there's no church near you, you've got ways of connecting and hallowing the ordinary right at your fingertips!

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