Whats the point of Dreams?
Why do we have them? What would be the point of them say from a Catholic/Religious perspective? I know some dreams can be prophetic like with St John Bosco. But sometimes they are just outright weird and unusual. Once I had a dream  where I was a spy trying to kill bad guys, then later on in the dream I was at a Family BBQ hanging out with dogs, and then later somehow I ended up in a fantasy world that looked like World of Warcraft. I think some exorcists like Fr Ripperger say that the demons can mess with our dreams. But it seems kind of Odd that they would give me a dream like the one described above. What do you think?
I wouldn't pay much attention to them, although they are interesting sometimes,and they have been used by God in history as seen in the scriptures.

  I always found Carl Jung's ideas on dreams interesting, and the ideas of some within the Jungian school of thought, but much of it is far from orthodox Christianity. You could always  peruse stuff like what I mentioned.
Dreams are our mind's maintenance routine. They serve to organise and declutter our thoughts and memories while we sleep. Aside from that, as you said they are sometimes used by God to give prophecies and the like but I imagine those are very distinct from ordinary dreams. I also believe that it is possible to get a certain understanding of your subconscious by analyzing repeating motifs and such in your dreams.
This subject is kind of like asking what purpose Free Will serves. In all reality, it's quite neutral, yet God uses it for our good. We often abuse it. But it's a neutral thing, ontologically. Same with dreams, I think.

There's a page on Dreams in the FE sub-section on the Preternatural World...
Very good to see that page.

I think well over 95% of dreams are akin to what Dominicus and others have said above.

But a small minority of dreams seem immensely important to me.

To give an example, when I initially left the New Age to become a Christian, I was baptised as an Anglican. Nonetheless I was drawn to Catholicism from the start ...

About two years later, I woke from a very odd dream (which alas I can't recall well) and felt that it was absolutely a sign calling me to contact a priest and enter the Catholic Church.

Which is exactly what I did.

I wonder if other people have had life-changing dreams?


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