New Jersey/New York
I feel really stupid posting this, but I'm in a bit of a desperate situation.

Do any of the nice, traditional Catholics on this forum happen to live anywhere near Rutgers University or Laguardia Airport (NY)? I have some business at Rutgers next week and am facing a dilemma about how to get from Rutgers to LGA by 4 AM on Sunday morning for a 6:10 AM flight (I'm coming from out of state). I'm planning to be in NJ for about 3 days, not counting Sunday morning. I have room and board for my stay, but the trains do not leave NJ earlier enough in the morning for me to sleep in NJ on Saturday night and make it to LGA in time on Sunday. 
They're doing construction at LGA and it's an absolute mess. Be early. Very early. Also this is UN week so it's even nuttier than usual. I left for work over two hours ago from Western Suffolk County heading to Brooklyn and we've barely travelled 25 miles.
You're best bet is a car service, otherwise you'd have to catch a train from NJ to NY and take the 7 train to Junction Blvd and go up to LGA from there. You might as well sleep at LGA lol. Our public transit can be overwhelming and confusing and of you're not familiar with it, it can be very easy to mess up and end up in some craphole.

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