The 'Seven Times', a key to connect the Old and New Testament
A finding of particular importance for the interpretation and understanding of the Holy Scripture was made and is reported here.

This finding allows to find the equivalents in our time to the types in the Old Testament. Thus the Holy Scripture can be interpreted accurately and logically conclusive. It prevents the previously widespread, arbitrary interpretation, according to the opinion of certain people, interpretations that almost always logically mutually exclude themselves.

This finding is:

The entire history of the Old Testament repeats itself in the time of the New Testament, after a fixed interval. This time interval is 923773 days (approximately 2529 years).

To investigate this finding more precisely and to prove it with evidence, I have carried out historical research and calculations in recent years and found that dozens of kings, rulers and other persons have equivalents in our time.

The „Seven Times“, this is the name of the fixed interval, is the principal key but it is not the only one. Other keys can be derived, leading to new levels of understanding.

Although understanding the first key and its application is trivial, the further levels can get more complicated and require your attention and effort.

If you want to get a quick overview of the entire contents of the books I recommend the following presentation, that requires about 5 to 15 minutes of time and is in English.

      Presentation: The Seven Times
      ( )

As a more detailed example you can view the book about the "English Kings", where dozens of matches are shown. It is available only in German at:

      Englische Könige,
      ( )

The matches of the types are far to numerous and precise, thus excluding any possibility of error or chance. The truth of the Holy Scripture is demonstrated with mathematical precision and the results cannot be refuted. Truth can be hidden or suppressed for a time, but it will always triumph in the end.

Nutty McNutterson.

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