Breviary Cover

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I recently started praying the Brevarium Romanum published by Baronius Press. I was wondering if anyone has this breviary and has a zip up cover that they use with it. Which cover is the best fit?

The standard missal cover should fit. Leather is best if you can afford it. Mine is vinyl and is holding up fairly well although I learned the hard way that the zipper does not prevent water damage from a spill.  I think I got my cover at a book store.  They are usually found on a bottom shelf somewhere.
I've been traveling with a 1960 monastic diurnal since Baronius is a little too large to comfortably travel with.  This one works, though:

The organization is weird, though much more than the few differences in calendar, etc. Really wish Baronius would do two follow ups: the missing patristics from Sunday Matins excised in 1960 (full size) and a smaller diurnal with just the day hours but organized the same way.

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