The Vatican on Gender Ideology
The desire to achieve equality by eliminating sexual difference is reminiscent of previous attempts to achieve equality by eliminating private property (through Communism) and illness (through eugenics), Italian historian and journalist Lucetta Scaraffia wrote in a front-page L’Osservatore Romano column on October 4.

There is historical irony in these “utopian” desires, said Scaraffia, because it was Christianity that brought equality to the world.

Scaraffia wrote that the world’s media, with their favorable view of Pope Francis, largely leave his remarks unchallenged—but not so his remarks in Georgia against gender ideology.

“The Pope accompanied his discourse on gender with a clear acceptance of homosexuals, with an openness that in the Church had never been manifested with so much courage,” Scaraffia continued. The Pope, she emphasized, is clearly willing to accompany homosexuals and transsexuals, yet the media criticized his remarks on gender ideology. Scaraffia said that this shows that gender ideology’s true goal is “to destroy the family,” and not to prevent the demonization of homosexuals.
Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury, England, has instructed Catholic educators to resist gender ideology and uphold the truth.

“We must always show genuine love and understanding to those who are swayed or fall victim to the errors of our times,” wrote the bishop in a letter to educators. “However, we can never compromise the truth of our faith nor allow the truth about the human person to be obscured, for that would be a false charity.”

Bishop Davies said that in approaching individuals who experience difficulty with their sexual identity, the Christian response “must always be one of respect, compassion, and understanding, together with a commitment to seeking appropriate help.” However, he said, the Church must defend the reality of God’s plan for the human race, and for men and women.

In his letter, quoting heavily from Pope Francis and St. John Paul II, the bishop underlines the importance of complementarity between the sexes and resisting the notion that “gender identity” is a social construct.

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