Pope Francis could be[atify] Pius XII,...not done because the Jews are against

Cardinal Saraiva: "Pope Francis could be Pius XII. Still today, but this is not done because the Jews are against it "

(Rome) "If Pope Francis wanted to, he could Pius XII. today beatify, but that does not happen, because the Jews are strongly opposed. "This said Cardinal José Saraiva Martins in an article published on Saturday interview online newspaper FarodiRoma.

In the interview, "reveals" the Portuguese Cardinals the "true nature", so Farodi Roma, which is why the process of beatification for the Pope does not come from the spot. Pius XII, with the bourgeois name Eugenio Maria Pacelli, ruled from 1939-1958, and thus also during the Second World War, in which the Jewish persecution by the National Socialism came.
Beatification proceedings in 1965

On 8 November 1965 Pope Paul VI gave known in the eighth session of the Second Vatican Council the opening of the beatification process. He did this despite the public controversy because of the listed on numerous stages since February 1963 "Christian tragedy" by Rolf Hochhuth: "The Substitute".

But then it was quiet around the beatification process. Hochhuth's play sparked criticism of the attitude of Pius XII. To the National Socialist persecution of Jews. Since then the question has been: Did the Pope keep silent about the persecution? Through medial repetition, the question of a possible "failure" of the pope, the supposed fact, indeed, the Pope had remained silent and thereby made itself complicit. Historians and the Church are opposed to this, that the Pope has by no means remained silent and saved thousands of Jews by his direct intervention. Above all, the question of the alternative must also be asked. What alternatives were there, and what exactly did they bring to the victims of the persecution at the critical moment?

In 1990 John Paul II raised Pius XII. for God's servants. 1993 saw the signing of a bilateral agreement between the Holy See and Israel, which led to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1994. In order to clarify the question of ongoing public charges, and also on Jewish pressure, Pope John Paul II agreed in 1999 to the establishment of a Catholic-Jewish commission of historians.

The climate around the Historians Commission was not as good as expected. The Vatican irritated ever-new accusations, the Holy See might want to underline "compromising" documents. The same was true of the repeated transmission of "distorted and tendencies" to the world press.

Another Jewish-Catholic commission of historians worked in a better climate of mutual trust, and created a wandering exhibition that depicts the negative image of Pius XII. Correct. The Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem changed but only after Vatican protests a negative text to a picture of the Pope. Quite a few journalists chilled on the figure of Pope Pius XII. Their antiquity.

Gary Krupp , the Jewish founder of the Pave the Way Foundation, an organization which campaigns for the dialogue between religions, particularly the Jews and the Catholics, exhorting 2012 in a Zenit interview the critics of Pius XII .:

    "Every time we deepen the search, we find a diamond. It is incredible, but there is nothing on the other side, because there is no basis for any of their accusations [against Pius XII] in the files. "

In 2007 the historians seemed to have paved the way

Through the work of historians, the path for beatification seemed to be free in 2007. In that year, recommended the competent Roman Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Pius XII. The "heroic virtue". In 2009, Pope Benedict XVI This vote. Then a new, indiscriminate indictment wave against Pius XII, the Church and Benedict XVI, in. Sharp criticism rained down on "German Pope" of the Jewish community in Rome and international Jewish organizations. In particular, the Central Council of Jews in Germany vigorously opposed Benedict XVI. on. In media and columns, some authors were careless about the insinuation, Benedict XVI. Would, "because" he is a German, Pius XII. "Because" the Germans are ultimately "anti-Semites". With pictures of the alleged "Hitlerjungen" Joseph Ratzinger - they showed him in reality as Luftwaffenhelfer - was operated international agitation.

Benedict XVI Decided to restore the intended beatification. Instead, he ordered a re-check of all archival stocks. An embarrassment to signal that it was better to wait for a more favorable moment for the beatification.
"The Jews have supported the Russian propaganda"

At that time, from 1998-2008, Cardinal Saraiva Martins was prefect of the Congregation of Saints, and therefore directly involved in the case. When asked why Pius XII. Even 59 years after his death and 51 years after the opening of the procedure, the Cardinal replied:

    "The Jews were and are firmly opposed to the beatification of Pius XII because they consider him a Nazi friend, but this is a falsification of history."

Pius XII.
Pius XII.

It would suffice, the Cardinal, the first encyclical Summi Pontificatus 1939 to read, in the Pius XII. "So clearly opposed to" national socialism and any form of totalitarianism "that Goebbels described it as" very aggressive against us. "

    "To prevent his beatification, the Jews were the first to support the Russian propaganda, which was represented by the play The Deputy by Rolf Hochhuth, 1963, which was then taken up again with a film, and finally they have their ambassadors to the Holy See directly in the Vatican to block everything and not allow the church to do its work. "

"Some pregnant women have even given birth in his bedroom in Castel Gandolfo"

By Hochhuth's play, "representing the pope as nazifreundlich," "the Jews were convinced," that Pius XII. "Had done nothing to save the Jews during the Second World War." The opposite was true.

    "It is well documented that, in the midst of the war, Pacelli saved many Roman Jews from death and from the Nazis by opening the doors of the monasteries and seminaries, as well as of the Vatican, where thousands were lodged, also in Castel Gandolfo. Some pregnant women have even given birth in their bedroom in the summer. "

The Israeli diplomat and Jewish scholar Pinchas Lapide (1922-1997), born in Vienna, came to the conclusion that by the Catholic Church during the Second World War between 847,000 and 882,000 Jews were saved.
After the war, he was thanked, "then everything has changed with Hochhut"

Pius XII. was by no means pro-Nazi, "attesting to the recognition by Israel that it was after the war, given, as the World Jewish Congress to the Pope visited in gratitude at the Vatican, including Golda Meir. For them, Pius XII. A friend. "Golda Meir called him a" great servant of peace "in his death in 1958. Already 1940, Albert Einstein, himself a Jew, wrote in Time magazine: "Only the church has openly against Hitler's campaign for suppressing the truth. I have never had a special predilection for the Church, but I am compelled to admit that I now unconditionally appreciate what I have despised. "

But after the publication of Hochhuth's play and book, the cardinal, "everything had changed because of the communists, and friends became enemies of the pope."

Asked how Israel tried to block the beatification, said Cardinal Saraiva Martins:

    "A few years ago, on a August afternoon in a Roman magazine, the news was published that Pacelli was being beatified in September. On the morning of the next day, the Israeli embassy to the Holy See knocked at the door of my office. I can not deny that this visit has irritated me a little. "

Israel's ambassador tried to block the beatification by all means

He informed me that he had been informed about the intended beatification.

    "Tonight," he told me, "they have called me from Israel to find out whether the message is true or not." I told him as prefect of the canonization, that I knew nothing about it, but that the Church would go her way, and not allow others to interfere with the proceedings. "Then the Ambassador had become quite red, "We are against it. The cardinals, their evening-folk, do not understand us Jews. You forget that we are the chosen people. "

It was claimed that the beatification be suspended for at least 50 years. "During my time as prefect, the [Israeli] ambassador tried to convince me in every conceivable way and with every conceivable means. He often invited me to his home and in the vicinity of the Vatican, to a restaurant in Piazza Risorgimento, so that I might set aside the Pope's beatification. "

And further:

    "My really great miracle, however, is the process of Pius XII. To the official proclamation of his heroic virtue by the Catholic Church. If Francis wanted to-day, he could at once save him. Even tomorrow morning. "

José Cardinal Saraiva Martins CMF belongs to the Claretian Order. After completing his studies at the Gregorian University and the Angelicum in Rome, he taught metaphysics and fundamental theology at various universities, including the Urban. 1988 John Paul II appointed him. Titular Archbishop and Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education. 1998 he was appointed Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and 2001 his elevation to cardinal rank. At the conclave of 2013 he could no longer participate for reasons of age.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Quote:It's as if the only people to ever suffer were the Jews.  There have been plenty of tragic events throughout history.  They just haven't made movies about them with emotional violin music and red coats.  Pope Pius XII HELPED the Jews, as did other Catholics of Rome.  I don't think the chief Rabbi of Rome would have converted to Catholicism had the Catholics around him, particularly the hierarchy, been Nazi sympathizers.
Didn't you know? Jews decide who are saints!

How totally revolting. To paraphrase St. Catherine of Siena, someone needs to grow a pair.
                                                Time for Sainthood for Pius IX ! That'll fix'em.
Never mind that Pius XII did the best he could, given the circumstances. If he spoke up, people died. If he didn't speak up, people died. And yet he opened up the buildings he had access to and let as many Jews in as he could. One of the Jews, who I believe was a rabbi, converted to Catholicism and took the name Eugenio [Pius XII's birth name] because of Pius XII's example.
(10-18-2016, 06:41 PM)In His Love Wrote: One of the Jews, who I believe was a rabbi, converted to Catholicism and took the name Eugenio [Pius XII's birth name] because of Pius XII's example.

Yes, that was the chief rabbi of Rome that I mentioned. Plus XII was a holy man. Will he ever be canonized?  Perhaps, but not in my lifetime. I would even say such a thing would only happen after civilization is nearly destroyed and the Church along with it. Thankfully, young people of today aren't interested in being revolutionaries in the Church. If they hold heretical positions that are due to something other than ignorance, they tend to just leave the Church. In a generation or two, what is left of progressive Catholicism in Europe will be dead. All that will be left of Catholicism will be the traditionalists. They may be small in number, but from we may see, in an ecclesiastical climate such as that, the canonization of someone other than someone like Pius XII.
(10-18-2016, 08:36 PM)Credidi Propter Wrote: In a generation or two, what is left of progressive Catholicism in Europe will be dead. All that will be left of Catholicism will be the traditionalists. They may be small in number, but from we may see, in an ecclesiastical climate such as that, the canonization of someone other than someone like Pius XII.

That's a good, reassuring point. The traditionalists are the ones who are having all the kids. Churches that are staffed by the FSSP or who have good diocesan priests offering the TLM are packed with people. The contemporary Masses have very few attendees, at least by comparison.
The Jews can go to hell.
For those who are interested, this article contains a veritable wealth of knowledge on just how the situation has come to be
where ostensible Hierarchy are dictated on the matter of religion by Jews.

                                                                                                            I can think of two reasons that I'm not the biggest admirer of Pius XII. He was the second Pope who failed to carry out the Blessed Mother's specific request for the consecration of Russia, and some of his comments on the theory of evolution were a little disturbing.

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