The Message
In his  excellent speech at Notre Dame (about which more anon), Archbishop Charles Chaput makes an interesting point about Muslim women who wear the hijab or burqa:

Some of my friends are annoyed by that kind of “in your face” Islam. But I understand it. The hijab and the burqa say two important things in a morally confused culture: “I’m not sexually available;” and “I belong to a community different and separate from you and your obsessions.”

There are problems with Islam, especially in its more assertive forms, and the archbishop says as much in passing. But those two messages are messages that our culture needs to hear. It wouldn’t be a bad thing at all if Catholic women—and Catholic men, for that matter—found winsome ways to deliver the same messages.

Shortly before he died, Pope St. John Paul II said that we Catholics need to wear symbols of our religion. What do you think? What are you doing?
What kind of message are you giving by how you present yourself?

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