Know how to write musical notation?

OK, here's my conundrum:

During WWII, my Dad wrote a song. It actually got recorded -- and Satchmo, that is, Mr. Louis Armstrong himself, played it when my Dad gave him the music or sang it to him or whatever at THE Hollywood Canteen (seriously).

My Dad died in 2012. I don't have the sheet music or any copies of the recording (it was recorded by "Norah Lou and her Pals") -- but I have the lyrics and  know the melody. I want to preserve the melody for the sake of family History. SO, anyone out there know how to write musical notation -- like, say, if I were to call you and sing it and you write it down so a musician could play it?

My ULTIMATE dream would be to find someone who knows how to make Big Band sounds with whatever musical software is out there and have a copy of it in SOUND as well! But just having the basic sheet music so it won't be gone forever when my siblings, daughter, and I die (we're the only ones who know how it goes) would be A W E S O M E N E S S.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone know how to do this -- and have the time and will to do this? If so, write to me at !

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