50 Supermarket Tricks You Still Fall For
As somebody who works in a grocery store, I can second all the things said in the OP.

1. ALWAYS wash your produce REALLY WELL. And for heaven's sake, please bag your produce so it doesn't sit directly on the conveyor belt at the checkout line; we never clean those belts or the counters.

2. Wash your hands after using the card/chip reader, because we never clean that either and thousands of people touch it every day.

3. If you buy a can of soda or a bottle of water, clean the cap/top first before you put your mouth on it and drink it. That can/bottle has passed through many hands touching the rim.

4. Try to avoid using the store bathrooms. They are usually cleaned late at night by an employee who can't wait to go home and does a sloppy job, or early in the morning by an employee who is barely awake and would rather do anything but that. If you must use the bathroom, don't sit on the toilet and use a paper towel to open the door handle/shut off the light switch (those are never cleaned either).

5. If your store has a rewards program, don't sign up for it. We have one at our store and it's a total joke. The store doesn't want to save you money because that means less money in their pockets. At my store, they encourage us to cajole people into signing up and even told us employees point-blank that our rewards members spend 20% more on every purchase than non-rewards members.  Go figure.

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