Mental health and redemptive suffering
I am convinced that in the context of mental health, there is no such thing as redemptive suffering. I don't really know what else to say. Thanks for me wanting to be dead God, I hope this misery helps a soul in a floating pit of not-hell-fire-but-a-different-kind-of-fire-fire in the sky.
I believe mental anguish is a common theme among the saints. Could you explain why you don't believe it can redemptive?
For what it's worth, I asked St. Dymphna to pray for you.
I have suffered from clinical depression for 40+ years, often considering suicide. By God's grace and the prayers of His Holy Mother, my Queen, and my Patroness, I keep plugging along. I have been offering up the pain and anguish all these years. I hope my sufferings have helped someone and will redound to my credit when I face the High Seat of Heaven. Gospodi pomilui!

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