Ut sis visus meus
Hello! I've been translating  "Be Thou my Vision" into Latin for about an hour. However, since my systematic study of Latin is still shy of a full year, I am not absolutely confident that I've done this well.

"Ut sis visus meus, Ere meae cordis.
Nemo quicquam sed rex caelestis.
Es mihi mediatio die nocteque,
Ut somnio quoque videam te.

Es tu sermo meus et intellectus.
Es mecum et  sim tibi socius.
Es Pater mihi, sim tibi filius.
Ut tu sis meus, fac me tuus

Es scutum meum, et spatha recta
Et decus meus, cuncta gaudia
Es tegimen mihi, es burgusque grandis
Me leves civitatem angelis.

Es corpori bonitas animaeque,
regnum meum caelo et tellure
Es tu tantum amatus in mea corde
Nullus sit, sed tu Rex Altissime."

As you can see, it isn't finished. More importantly, my confidence that this is good Latin is hovering around 60%. Is there anyone here who can tell me if I've not done this well? Many thanks!

Edit: I think I've pinpointed a few problems myself, but won't change them yet in case there are more.

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