Why You Must Eat One Avocado a Day
I LOVE Avocados and eat many every week. I like them right after peeling with a little salt and even some lemon juice or in salads or guacamole with some corn chips...yummy!!!

I remember hearing a friend say that the Maya did not allow their women to eat them, because they tasted so good that they were kind of erotically good and they didn't want their women to be corrupted by such a feeling. Well, maybe so, but I think women aught to enjoy them anytime, much as I do!


Saturday, 19 November 2016

Why You Must Eat One Avocado a Day

The avocado is believed to have originated in Puebla, Mexico. The oldest evidence of the avocado was found in a cave in Puebla, Mexico and dates back to around 10,000 BC.
Native to Mexico and Central America, the avocado is classified in the same family as camphor and cinnamon. An avocado is botanically, a large berry that grows on a tree that can reach 6 feet tall. Just like a banana, the avocado ripens 1-2 weeks after being picked. 

Avocados are often referred to as the healthiest food due to its impressive nutritional value.

An avocado contains these vitamins and minerals:

Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B9
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin K


•An avocado contains more potassium than a banana. Avocados have 14% and a banana contains 10% potassium.

•Folate for your hearts health. Avocados have 23% folate which lowers incidences of heart disease. Vitamin E, monounsaturated fats and glutathione are also good for the heart. Folate can lower the risks of having a stroke.

•Folate is also essential in the prevention of birth defects such as spina bifida and neural tube defect.

•Eating avocados help our body’s absorb 5 times the amount of carotenoids (lycopene and beta carotene).

•Eye Heath- Avocados contain more carotenoid lutein than any other fruit, protecting against muscular degeneration and cataracts.

•High in beta-sitosterol, avocados lower bad cholesterol by 22%, raises good cholesterol by 11% and also lowers blood triglycerides by 20%.

•Studies show high oleic acid prevents breast cancer, inhibits tumor growth in prostate cancer and seeks out precancerous and oral cancer cells and destroys them.

•Avocados are high in fiber and will help you feel fuller longer, potentially helping with weight loss. High fiber helps metabolic health and steadies blood sugar.

•Avocado extract paired with soybean oil can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

•Pholyphenols and flavonoids within avocados have anti inflammatory properties.

•Avocados cleanse the intestines, relieving bad breath.

•Avocado oil greatly nourishes the skin and is a beneficial treatment for psoriasis and other skin irritations.

•Avocados contain an antioxidant called glutathione that prevents heart disease, cancer and slows the signs of aging.

•Glutathione also fights free radicals.

Our blood and cells carry oxygen all throughout our bodies. When we are exposed to environmental pollutants, these toxins change the oxygen in our mitochondria into free radicals, destroying our cells and DNA. This damage creates chronic illnesses. Researchers from the Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology have found glutathione in avocados can be absorbed into our mitochondria and then neutralize the free radicals.
My wife LOVES avocados!  While we don't have them every single day, we do get our good share of them.  From soups to salads to dips to just plain raw with soy sauce, all good.
I love avocado, I like it with milk and sugar. Problem is it's a seasonal fruit :(
(12-13-2016, 10:52 PM)Corinna Moore Wrote: I love avocado, I like it with milk and sugar. Problem is it's a seasonal fruit :(

We get them year-round here in Florida. During the winter from Mexico and Chile. Our local variety, a rather large and 'watery' one, still is quite seasonal, though. I don't know where in the states you live, but you may have to search around for a winter source.
(12-13-2016, 10:52 PM)Corinna Moore Wrote: I love avocado, I like it with milk and sugar. Problem is it's a seasonal fruit :(

Man, I'm in Canada and we can get them year-round! And they always seem to be delicious, no matter what time of year, kinda like bananas. Ours are always imported, so maybe we just don't notice the difference?

We have a significant Mexican/Central/South American population (all legal) where I live, though, so many that's it?
They're available here in Iowa year-round, with some seasonal variation in price. I had actually avoided them, tho' I love them, because of the fat content. Then one day my doctor highly recommended them to me, so, YUM!
I used to love avocados, but I somehow developed a stomach ache after eating them one day.  I at first had no idea it was the avocados, because I had never reacted to them before, but finally traced back to it by process of elimination.  I think I can still have a little, but certainly not a whole one anymore.

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