Philosophical consideration of Eucharistic Consecration
(12-13-2016, 11:05 AM)Papist Wrote: And this is the kind of thinking that causes scandal to our Orthodox brothers and sisters. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Seriously, the Eucharist is a mystery and cannot be explained philosophical. If we tried, we'd find it to be impossible, since accidents cannot be separated from their substance.

God the Holy Spirit accomplishes something beyond all human understanding in the consecration. Let's leave it at that. I say this as a professional philosopher.

Thank you for your response. 

Two things: 

(1) the concepts of "this" and "that" can be considered philosophically as they are within the purview of natural knowledge.  We are pretty much bound by scripture and tradition to discern in this regard as well (1 Cor. ch. 11 vs. 26-30).

(2) in the Eucharist the accidents we perceive stand alone in no substance.  It's a singular occurrence called Transubstantiation which effects this (see Council of Trent, Session 13, Can. 2).  To say that the substance of bread and wine remain (manifested by their own accidents) conjointly with the whole substance of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is a Lutheran heresy (consubstantiation).

-- Nicole

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