Philosophical consideration of Eucharistic Consecration
Blood has water in it. I don't hardly think that we who are redeemed by blood, could possibly think that Jesus the Christ would condemn us on such a legality. Jesus whose immaculate heart burns for our redemption is Love, and love does not obsess over legalities.  Being overly legal about things is something He regularly condemned. Obsessing about these kind of things is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder or scrupulosity. I say this in concern and respect. I have one son who struggled with this. This is an issue where one has to submit ones heart and mind in humility to Christ Jesus, and pray for the grace of peacefulness. I would suggest that obsessing over legal definitions of correctness is a tactic of our enemy who attempts to tie us up in chains of bondage. Chesterton wrote "it is said, poor so and so, they have lost their reason, actually people who reason too much lose their humanity." (something like this)  Many people obsess over form. I have been called a heretic for changing how I sometimes pray the rosary. For Pete's sake, St. John Paul the second did this regularly. It is prayer. I would much rather spend my time either praying for the redemption of souls or working to evangelize them than worrying about form. I don't hardly think that when I stand before Christ Jesus in judgement that I will get a merit badge for correctness of form, I think instead he will hold me to account for how well I loved and served Him and how I treated His other children on earth.  My only real "fear" is that I will miss an opportunity to bring Him souls that He puts in my path.

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