Philosophical consideration of Eucharistic Consecration
As to the Baptism of Blood issue, especially that of the Innocents/Unborn: It would seem to me that if a child is unborn, they are not subject to Original Sin, since being unborn, are not able to live a human existence and are nut subject to those responsibilities. I tend to think their souls return to heaven, from whence they came.

But, as to the original question at hand:

Objects to be consecrated during Mass must be located on the Corporal and uncovered during the act of Consecration. The container that holds the wine to be used for the Consecration, is removed from the Altar prior to Consecration and its opening covered. Any 'bread' or 'wine' left covered in its container during Consecration is not so Consecrated.

So then, it would seem, distance is of no issue so long as the distance does not remove the object from being upon the Corporal.

At least, that is what I was taught as an Altar Boy, to be Acolyte, in the preVatican II Church.

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