The Beginning of the End for Bergoglio and His Men?
                                                                      As far back as I can remember, starting with Pope Paul VI (I vaguely remember John XXIII's photo on the wall but not much else) and continuing to this present day, I've never known a time when supporters of a pope have advocated such total obedience to him in all things. "Who am I to judge" ? has become a sort of 11th Commandment, which in essence means, it's ok now to be homosexual, but it doesn't end with that, "The Holy Father is very critical of our economic system"=Marxism is Good. "The Holy Father thinks the Latin Mass is divisive", "The Holy Father want's us to stop focusing on abortion and same sex marriage" "The Holy Father want's us to open our borders and our homes to Muslim refugees" "The Holy Father says even atheists go to Heaven" "The Holy Father says many couples living togather are really in sacramental marriages while many married in church are not". Seriously, who needs Francis when you can already get all that from Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton ?

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