Words and phrases you'd nix if you could in 2017
(02-18-2017, 03:41 AM)Credidi Propter Wrote: This is my 1,000th post!
Yay!  Applause 
Any incorrect uses of "sexist," "misogynistic," "racist," or "fascist."
The term "woke."
In His Love, you hit most of mine in the opening post! I would add "microaggression" to your list.
(03-18-2017, 05:18 PM)aquinas138 Wrote: In His Love, you hit most of mine in the opening post! I would add "microaggression" to your list.
Good one! Well, bad one, but it's good because you want to nix it.  Grin

"transabled" (ie, "I feel like I should be disabled, so I want to mutilate myself")

(03-18-2017, 10:50 PM)In His Love Wrote: "transpecies"/"otherkin"

Not my fault. I was born a sheep, just trapped in a human body.  LOL


Wrong side of history (you mean, wrong side of your opinion?)
(02-12-2017, 10:14 PM)Jeeter Wrote: I Wish People Would Stop Saying "Wardrobe Malfunction" And Replace It With The More Correct Term Of "Deliberate Nipple Flashing By An Aging Attention Whore."

On a closely related note, anything about the Kardashians, Madonna, or Miley Cyrus.
Dialogue and Ecumenism.  I hate those two words.
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Any term that is designed to make anything post-Vatican II appear to be invalid and anything that basically translates to, "If you go to the Ordinary Form Mass, you just aren't Catholic enough/aren't traditional enough/etc".

Examples include:

"Novus Ordo Church"/"Conciliar Church"
"Novus Ordo sect"/"Vatican II sect"
"Novus Ordo religion"

Also, any use of "oppressed" or its variants that does not literally mean "oppressed" or its variants (ie, "I feel oppressed because that mean straight white male professor gave me a bad grade on my gender studies paper").

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