The High Counsel hath forbidden thy Roman Rite!
(01-20-2017, 11:57 AM)Justin Alphonsus Wrote: We made our presentation, and were "granted" a six month trial-run , only the the first Saturdays of the month.  Got the typical liberal modernist garbage that new is better, Vatican 2 was great, no one will understand because it is Latin (worst complaint ever, pick 10 people at random in any novus ordo parish in the world and ask them what just happened and I guarantee they will look at you stary eyed) at that we don't want to offend or drive away parishioners.  We managed to not get too polemical and stayed pretty civil!

But in the end, the council said we can use "their church", and we will revisit in 6 months whether to continue or not

I say to those people that Vatican II and the TLM are not incompatible.
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