Rosary/miraculous medal/pardon crucifix question
I recently got a single decade rosary with both a miraculous medal and pardon crucifix, I asked the priest who was serving mass to bless it, but he just said a prayer to bless the rosary and not the medal or crucifix. Do the other two components need to get blessed now or are they now also blessed by virtue of being on the rosary? The priest did not know what the pardon crucifix was, so I don't know.
A 'Blessing' is a Blessing, when it comes to sacramentals, however, the one who delivers that Blessing may enhance the wording of his blessing for the occasion.

Some metals are best blessed in certain manner for that metal, as in the St. Benedict medal for instance. Some Marian or Carmelite Priests may have a manner of Blessing that is more detailed and have more appropriately descriptive or celebrational terms invoked.

I have a very old rosary and it has a 'Pardon Crucifix' on it as well. I have had it blessed by a number of what I would term as extraordinarily 'Holy Priests' I have had the pleasure of encountering over the years. The words said by each varied, but the intent of blessing is the same. It may be a tradition you may like to apply to your lovely Rosary as well. Or perhaps you may one day find an unusually attractive Rosary of your  liking that you could modify, by replacing the Crucifix with the Pardon one and adding the Miraculous Medal to the replacement, or even making switches from one to the other. I would suggest that course of action. The Decade Rosary is a good standby, but I would recommend you find a very attractive Rosary, a full one, for your attentive recital of the Rosary and keep it with you always. I have mine in my car and I pray the Rosary when ever I am driving, so much so, that I virtually, never listen to my car's radio anymore.

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The blessing foes to the entire rosary including the medals and the crucifix.
Don't worry if the priest doesn't know what it is. God knows what it is and that is what matters.

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