The Gentle Traditionalist - Again

Good news! I contacted my local library system and requested that they add our very own Roger Buck's "The Gentle Traditionalist" to their collection. I finally got a note back that reads:

Indianapolis Marion County Public Library Wrote:Dear TUCCIARONE, TRACY ELIZABETH,

Thank you for your recent suggestion for purchase.

The item you requested, The Gentle Traditionalist: A Catholic Fairy-tale from Ireland , has been ordered, and we have placed a hold on the item for your account. If you are set up to receive notices, you will be notified when the item is available for you to pick up.

Selection Service Staff
The Indianapolis Public Library

This means that Roger's book will get into the hands of LOTS more people than it would have otherwise!

Now, I don't know if you've read Roger's book, but trust me: it is THE book to hand to a secular type in order to help their wretched worldview fall away and to get them to open their hearts to the possibility that Jesus is Who He says He is, that it isn't ridiculous to be religious, etc. I really can't emphasize enough just how important I think this book is, how MUCH good I think it can do!

Imagine people just browsing through their library's shelves, randomly coming across Roger's book, getting intrigued, seeing it'd be a quick and easy read after giving it the once-over, checking it out, and having their lives radically changed for the better!

So once again, I implore you all to contact your local library systems and do what I did: ask them to add "The Gentle Traditionalist" to their shelves. With our library, you have to have a library card and an account set up online. I'm guessing most of us have library cards, eh? I was able to make this request for purchase online. Just took a tiny bit of time -- and it will take even less time for you because I'll post below the info you need to make the request, assuming your system works as the one around here does. Here goes:

Title: The Gentle Traditionalist: A Catholic Fairy-tale from Ireland
Author: Roger Buck
Type of material: Paperback: 194 pages
Publisher: Angelico Press
Publishing Date: November 23, 2015
Language: English
ISBN: 1621381579
Price: $14.95 at Amazon
Intended audience: Adults and Teens

And if you haven't read this book, DO IT! You will NOT be disappointed (though I have a tiny quibble about how the Crusades and Inquisition were mentioned, something I've talked to Roger about).  You can get the book here:

If you have a child, nephew, Uncle, Aunt, cousin, parent, friend at work -- whoever! -- who just doesn't GET how anyone can be Catholic, get this book into his hands! I recommend buying a copy for yourself, and a copy you can loan out as you need to!

Come on, guys! We have to do a better job at spreading the Gospel!

Alas, I have only just seen this just now - as I have been quite debilitated lately by a series of (minor) infections.

But coming back to FE today, this was a wonderful surprise ...!

So very grateful. And really not for my wallet - but because I really do think that - by the Grace of God - this little book of mine IS making a difference, especially, as you emphasise, with secular or lapsed types who I'm finding are receptive to it as friendly little primer to the Faith and the Tradition.

Still, such types are unlikely I think to BUY the book - but if they see it on a library shelf, yes, they may read it.

Very grateful indeed that people in Indianapolis can see this now.  For this is what is most meaningful for me, knowing the book is reaching out "beyond the choir" ...

And so of course I shall be very grateful to any other Fishies if they can contact their local library.

Many, many thanks to you and anyone else who can do this ...

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