Have any of you flown in a turbo prop plane before?
The second flight I'm looking at to get to New York is in a turbo prop plane. I've never flown in one before and I'm a bit nervous about it, to be honest. Do they fly differently in terms of what you feel on the plane? Do they feel more turbulent? Are they as safe as jets? The flight is only an hour long, so it's not a big deal, but I don't want to be tense while I'm on the plane.
Turbo prop planes are quite safe and I have flown on them many times. They are heavily used for 'puddle jumping' flights of short distances. They usually have many fewer seats in them, with often only one line of seats on each side of the plane. They are somewhat noisier since propellers make noise on the fuselage and the view out the windows offers much more detail to watch. They are also quite a bit slower than a conventional jet-powered aircraft and also fly at a lower altitude, so they are subject to more of the turbulence at these lower altitudes and depending on weather conditions, you may have a smooth or a little bit bumpy ride. Bear in mind, the pilot is flying with you and they will attempt to avoid areas of turbulence for their comfort as much as yours!

Fear not! They are at least as safe as conventional jet engine aircraft. For instance: The P-3 Orion is a Navy and Coast Guard aircraft, based upon the old Lockheed Electra, the first jet-powered commercial aircraft. In its military configuration, I am unaware of any crash of this aircraft from structural failure and they have been in use since the late 1950s.
Thank you, Zedta! Smile I'm pretty sure the plane I'd be boarding is a Beechcraft 1900. I guess I looked at the propellers and got a little weirded out. I've only ever been on commercial jets.
I've flown on several prop planes with no issues. Honestly, I prefer puddle jumpers to larger jets. The noise was different; louder, and more of a hum, but nothing disconcerting. And being at a lower altitude gives you a better view of God's creation of the earth.  Smile My advice: sit back, order a cocktail, and enjoy the flight & view.

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