The Official Catholic Bacon Blessing
I'll have this on hand for tomorrow's breakfast...  :grin:

Ah, bacon. This deliciously greasy and salty meat is celebrated and enjoyed by men everywhere. Indeed, the global veneration of bacon has become a mania. And what’s not to love? It is the most versatile of meats and the perfect complement for any meal, whether it’s topping a pizza, a side with eggs, or wrapped around an expensive filet mignon.

Holy Mother Church is not ignorant of this masculine devotion to cured pork, and in her maternal charity, she has given us a blessing for bacon. Here it is.

    V. Our help is in the name of the Lord

    R. Who has made heaven and earth.

    V. The Lord be with you.

    R. And with your spirit

    Let us pray. Bless, Lord, this bacon which You have made, that it may be a healthful food for mankind. Grant by the invocation of Your holy name that all who partake of it may receive health of body and safety of soul, through Christ our Lord.

    R. Amen. (Then it is sprinkled with holy water.)

There you have it. The next time you sit down to eat your chocolate covered bacon or bacon topped ice cream, remember this prayer of blessing.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, this is a real Catholic blessing taken from the Rituale Romanum. You may also want to check out the official Catholic beer blessing. Happy eating!
Well, it's actually the 'Blessing of any victual' with bacon as the victual, but I like it! Here's the Blessing of beer:


P: Our help is in the name of the Lord.

All: Who made heaven and earth.

P: The Lord be with you.

All: May He also be with you.

Let us pray.
Lord, bless + this creature, beer, which by your kindness and power has been produced from kernels of grain, and let it be a healthful drink for mankind. Grant that whoever drinks it with thanksgiving to your holy name may find it a help in body and in soul; through Christ our Lord. All: Amen.

It is sprinkled with holy water.
Yet another reason I could never be Muslim. :grin:

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