Pope says better an atheist than a Catholic living a double life
Don't mock Francis, he's only following his dear inspiration Martin Luther when he said: "A smart Turk makes a better ruler than a dumb Christian".

A generous atheist, is better than a stingy Christian.

[Image: Bergoglio-lutero.jpg]
In transparency, I want to post this:

"Don’t believe the headlines!

Have you heard the news that Pope Francis preached it was better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic? It’s in the headlines from Reuters, CNN, The Guardian, and many others.

There’s only one problem: that is not what he said. They’re all wrong."


At the time of posting, some articles said he said it and others said he suggested it. Either way, it's pretty rough when we don't even know what the Pope is saying or what he means most of the time.
I guess his point is that at least an atheist cannot give scandal to the Church, whereas a bad Catholic can.

Would Nancy Pelosi do less harm to the Church if she said she was an atheist or as the Catholic she purports to be?
It will be worse for a Catholic that did not live the life fully than it will be for sincere atheists.

In what way?  Hell is hell - outside of Dante, I've not heard that there's a "worse" hell for sinning Catholics than for atheists.  A two-faced Catholic may have a shot at purgatory but an atheist who, having the knowledge of Christ then denies Him, is only going in one direction (if we accept traditional Church teaching, that is).  Surely not better to be the atheist?

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