Possible Patron Saint of Autism
Hi everyone!  I'm peppering this in a few different forums here since it overlaps in so many areas... but I want to share the very real possibility that there is an up and coming patron saint for people with autism and those who support them: St. Thorlak of Iceland.  I am a mom of kids with autism and I have worked with students and families for many years, and my enthusiasm reflects how long overdue this is!

I offer here the prayer from the webpage, and the links themselves.

God bless! - Aimee O'Connell

The prayer:

Daily Prayer for St. Thorlak's Help With ASD

Most gentle and loving St. Thorlak,
Feed my spiritual hunger today with your patronal love;
Give the water of your friendship to my lonely, thirsting soul.
Clothe my vulnerability with your reassurance and protection.
In moments of distress, breathe peaceful refuge deep within me.
​Reach out to me even when I am struggling or pushing people away.
When fear traps me, visit me; stay close at hand to encourage me. 
Ransom me with your winsome affection whenever I feel excluded.
Help me remember the people who love me,
and all those who hunger and thirst, struggle and flee,
or hide from the faces of those who might help them.

The links:

Main page - http://mission-of-saint-thorlak.weebly.com/
Patron of autism page - http://mission-of-saint-thorlak.weebly.c...f-asd.html

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