Francis urges priests to ‘welcome’ cohabitating couples
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Francis urges priests to ‘welcome’ cohabitating couples in the ‘style of the Gospel’

Quote:“At the same time, make yourselves close with the style of the Gospel itself, in the encounter and welcome of those young people that prefer living together without getting married,” he told priests at the Saturday, February 25 event organized by the Roma Rota, the Vatican’s highest ecclesiastical court.

“On the spiritual and moral plane, they are among the poor and the little ones, toward whom the Church, following in the footsteps of her Teacher and Lord, wants to be a Mother that does not abandon but comes close and takes care. These persons are also loved by Christ’s heart. This care of the last, precisely because it emanates from the Gospel, is an essential part of your work of promotion and defense of the Sacrament of Marriage,” he added.

"Co-habitation" means just "living under the same roof" and is, in itself, neutral; it's extra-marital sex that is sinful. But Francis here is addressing those who "prefer living together without getting married," which implies a sexual relationship. This means he is potentially out-and-out condoning fornication. If he means that these people should be "welcomed" as in they should be invited to attend Mass (and not receive Communion until and unless they repent and affirm their desire to sin no more), be catechized, and convert, then fine. But that isn't what he said. The article reminds us how he even refers to the relationships of (presumably sexually active) co-habiting couples as "real marriages."

The article quotes him as saying, “When you offer this witness, may your care be also to support all those who have realized the fact that their union is not a true sacramental marriage and want to come out of this situation" -- but what about those who don't realize that they are not in a true sacramental marriage and don't want to "come out of this situation" (again, not cohabitation in se, but engaging in extramarital sex)? And why would they even desire to come out of that situation when Francis himself is telling them that they have "true marriages"?

Yeah, he's "making a mess" all right. He seems to love chaos.

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