The Green Scapular
This is a spin off from the Miraculous Medal thread.

I know that the Green Scapular has resulted in many conversions and can be hidden in a person's room or house and the prayer prayed for their conversion. I gave one to the pastor of the Reformed church I've been attending for the last 4 years, along with a Miraculous Medal, but he told me later that he'd thrown it away.

However, the site recommended in the thread ( recommends writing someone's name on a Green Scapular and that makes the person instantly consecrated to Jesus. While this sounds great, I have no idea if it's from an approved source. It talks about a prayer dictated by God to someone called Anne Marie in 1997. Has the Church approved this revelation as worthy of belief?

I will definitely get some Green Scapulars, but I'm unsure about writing the person's name on them.

I've never heard of writing on scapulars, and think the old-school way of going about it is the route to take. I can't imagine that a person can "consecrate to Jesus" an adult against his will. That makes no sense to me. Just get some scapulars, give them to people, and hide them in their rooms as well.
I heard of a Protestant many years ago who had cancer. He was preparing to have an operation. A friend who was Catholic gave him a green scapular and told him that if he did not want to wear it he could just place it on the night stand next to his bed or put it under his pillow. The next thing that happened was that the man went to his doctor's appointment  that was to take place immediately before the operation. The doctor told him that there was no sign that eh had ever had cancer.
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