New FE Page on Homosexuality

I put up a new page -- for adults only -- about homosexuality. See it here:
Looks good, Vox! :) Hopefully, the people who read it will really take it to heart.
As one who has this particular disorder, I needed to read this page. That video was especially good.
(03-05-2017, 01:47 AM)TradCathYouth Wrote: As one who has this particular disorder, I needed to read this page. That video was especially good.

I'm so, so glad you got something helpful from that page! Thanks for letting me know that, TCYouth. Getting such feedback helps keep me inspired, and I really need that sometimes :)

I want to say this to you and to all the people here who struggle with SSA (Same Sex Attraction, for those reading over our shoulders) -- and there are a good number of you here at this forum (you're not alone!):  While in "the world," being honest about having a homosexual orientation has gotten a lot easier in general (sadly, because such an orientation is being normalized), I can only imagine how hard it can be for orthodox Catholics, given the (thankfully relatively small!) subset of Catholics who don't really "get" it and who talk about it all so inordinately. I just want you to know that I think that all of you here who have the integrity to talk about your struggles are brave, and bravery is one of the prime masculine virtues. So I salute you.

At the risk of coming off like I'm patting myself on the back, I think this forum is doing something right in that so many here are able to be honest about having SSA and are committed to striving to live according to Church teaching -- trad style at that. I think it's great. This is how I want the Catholic world to be in general, ya know? So here's to hoping that that new page helps make things that way so we can all just live with integrity and help each other as we strive for sainthood.
It's also a good alternative to the online forums for Courage, which in itself it a good organization. However, there isn't a local chapter near me, and I don't like their online group format. They use Yahoo groups, I am a member, but the setup makes me too lazy sometimes to check. Plus, like you said, here it is trad style, the way I like it. Courage itself does have good resources though. Chastity Project is another good site, which is a good site run by a good Catholic for those struggling with chastity in general, though it does address Church teaching on homosexuality in particular. Here is the link:

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