Meme war against the Jesuits
I'm sure we're all aware of these kinds of things but these were new on me.

I have a very, uh, charismatic FB friend who is a so-called "woke" artist, very meme savvy and aloof. His content has historically been very new age: UFO's, fallen angels, giants, "annunaki" and reptilians, David Icke kind of stuff. He's lately been posting more Christian stuff, though.

This isn't the first time he posted something like this but, Idk, I thought I'd share as someone here might be interested. Yes, that's a hooded wolf baptising an infant in blood.

[Image: 17190686_1323127861066849_35680986494157...e=592729C1]

[Image: 17264283_1323127654400203_29391619460066...e=596D86DA]

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