What are some of the best sermons you've heard?
I'm listening to a sermon by Fr. Patrick Smith about the Transfiguration and there are some great "take-away" quotes.

"When the vision is more real than your adversity, the adversity will not stop you."

"For those who are willing to make the climb...only they get to see the vision from the mountain."

"God sees you as you are, but He also sees you as you can be and that vision of what you will be."

What are some quotes you've taken away from sermons?

A lot of this priest's sermons kick around in my mind

About those with faulty contrition "he wants to serve the lord but wants to keep partying with the Devil"

About unlikely conversions of hardened sinners "somebody had to pay the cost" (by doing reparation for them as Our Lady of Fatima told us to)
the best sermons I've ever heard were all delivered well and captured everyone's attention. Even if a sermon is very orthodox and interesting, if the priest doesn't deliver it right, I'm not paying attention.

The most memorable sermons I've remembered all deal with the central message that God loves us.

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