ISIS Inadvertently Proves Bible Historically Accurate
From National Catholic Register:

"Irony alert. The Bible once again shown to be historically accurate...this time with the help of ISIS militants.

So here's how it happened. In 2014, ISIS destroyed a site believed by many to be the burial site of Jonah in Mosul because...that's what ISIS does. They destroy. For some reason they went to town on the place, even using dynamite to destroy it.

But a few weeks ago, the area was liberated by Iraqi forces from ISIS. But because the site was blown to smithereens, what was under the shrine became apparent. And archaeologists soon discovered the 2,300 year old palace of the Biblical King Sennacherib."

More here:

Ha, I love this story! Seeing Good come from evil is so -- satisfying.

Found these for folks interested in Bibilical Archaeology:

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It's so interesting that we're only now finding so many of these things.
Funny that Dick Dawkins and Sam Hair-ass are silent.
Here is an example of how God brings something good out of something evil.

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