A thought about miraculous and mystical events
I know we shouldn't base our faith on miracles only, but they certainly do help to strengthen our faith. It occurred to me that Our Lord and Our Lady's visitations to people, stigmata, etc, have a very profound way of steering people away from false religions.

For example:

The stigmata has the potential to convert Muslims, who deny that Our Lord was crucified, which is the most horrible blasphemy I can imagine. Can you imagine going through a horrendous form of torture to save someone's life and someone who lived 600 years after your death starting a movement to deny you ever did that? Think about a Muslim coming in contact with Padre Pio and seeing his blood-stained hands or his gloves. I think this would be a good thing to mention to a Muslim friend or family member.

Eucharistic miracles prove that the Catholic Church is the true Church of Jesus Christ. Protestants, who have no valid Eucharist, logically have no Eucharistic miracles. As an aside, it also proves the validity of the Novus Ordo Mass, because Eucharistic miracles have been documented in Novus Ordo parishes (I've heard of it occurring in Argentina and Poland).

Our Lady of Guadalupe's tilma and the Holy Shroud of Turin disprove the belief of iconoclastic Protestants and Muslims, as well as some Jews, that we should not have images on display. When God Himself leaves behind an imprint of His Face and His mother leaves behind an image on a cactus fiber that normally would have decayed by now and whose eyes are "alive and looking" at people (as reported by a Japanese eye specialist), you have all the proof you need that that isn't the case. The Shroud and the "aliveness" of the tilma are good proofs for an atheist and/or agnostic because the Shroud documents the Resurrection and no "painting" is going to have the durability or living eyesight of the tilma.

What are some examples you can think of? :)

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