A thought about miraculous and mystical events
.My own conversion to faith in Jesus Christ was due to a mystical experience that never happened again, but since that time I've never experienced anything else but semi aridity in prayer. I tend to be skeptical of the miraculous, things like stigmata or even Marian apparitions. I don't personally have much interest in stuff like that but it might just be my temperament. I admit that the Tilma is something undeniable though. That's probably the most intriguing phenomenon in Latin Catholic history.

I've got a sense of the presence of God, the Theotokos and the saints but it's mostly by the luminous Darkness of faith and the habit of prayer than anything else. I guess I don't want to experience something that might make me question my sanity. I'm generally ok with prayer being a drudgery that I can't live without.

I find that for me that one experience I had was enough to convince me ( it's not provable in any way to others) that Jesus Christ is real. I suppose that will have to be the most I get this side of the veil.

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