A thought about miraculous and mystical events
^ What FB said!!  Pretty much my experience, too, though my mystical encounter, also never repeated, was with the Theotokos and not Jesus.

I've no doubt that miracles occur.  It's just that I've never, to my conscious knowledge, have experienced one other than what I said just above.  Having said that, sometimes I just look outside and think to myself....Wow!  All of that's miraculous!!  But that isn't the same kind of "miracle" as, say, stigmata, or weeping icons, or raising the dead, is it?  More a deep, abiding appreciation and love of God's creation, I think. 

My faith, such as it is, doesn't rest on and isn't dependent upon miraculous events like those I mentioned.  If it was, I'd really be in deep trouble, eh? :)


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