A thought about miraculous and mystical events
(03-21-2017, 12:57 PM)In His Love Wrote:
(03-21-2017, 12:48 PM)J Michael Wrote: Okay...God became man in Jesus.  But Jesus was only incarnate and on this earth for approx. 33 years. 
Technically, He's on this earth in every Catholic [and Orthodox  :)] church around the world, in their tabernacles, and on their altars at every Mass. :)

Yes..."technically".  I know what you mean and you're right.  However....(you probably knew that was coming, didn't you  :) ?), He always seems to be in the form of bread (either in wafer form or Prosphora) and/or wine.  Now, no matter how you cut it (pun intended!), no matter whether you accept the concept of transubstantiation or any other explanation of how the bread/wine becomes the Body and Blood of Christ, it is still extremely difficult to have a "personal relationship" with in the sense that we have personal relationships with other people or animals.  I know, it occurs on a mystical plane or level or what-have-you, but that is a place or state that I and I'd venture to guess most other people tend to spend very, very little time in, if at all.

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