My Soliloquies on the kinds of torments of unbaptized infants.
I just finished writing a 14 page paper in the vein of a soliloquy on the torments of unbaptized infants. It cites the dogmatic decrees of the Church, her condemned propositions, and the scriptures and synthesizes a view which is already allowable in the Church (Vindicated as a legitimate opinion by Cardinal Enrico Norris in the 18th century and confirmed as such by Pope Benedict XIV).

The theme is that any positing of Limbo as a place of PERFECT NATURAL HAPPINESS OF THE KIND ENJOYED BY ADAM BEFORE THE FALL is Pelagian and erroneous. Note, I am not a Jansenist and roundly condemn them as heretics. I subscribe to everything written by all the Popes, including Pope Pius VI in Auctorem Fidei. I label no man a heretic, and do not consider a man who holds to such a view of Limbo as a formal heretic, though I consider this view erroneous and materially proximate to heresy.

Please read and give me your thoughts.

Let us end with a psalm of Moses:

“A fire is kindled in my wrath, and shall burn even to the lowest hell: and shall devour the earth with her increase, and shall burn the foundations of the mountains. [23] I will heap evils upon them, and will spend my arrows among them. [24] They shall be consumed with famine, and birds shall devour them with a most bitter bite: I will send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the fury of creatures that trail upon the ground, and of serpents. [25] Without, the sword shall lay them waste, and terror within, both the young man and the virgin, the sucking child with the man in years.”

Happy reading!

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