My Soliloquies on the kinds of torments of unbaptized infants.
(03-16-2017, 02:27 AM)Credidi Propter Wrote: Baptism has a concrete effect on the soul, even on the soul of a little baby.  Not being baptized means that they do not have that effect on their souls.  That's important, because a sacrament's validity is not determined by whether or not one "feels" like it is valid.  A group of lay actors could carefully research, rehearse, and perform an incredibly beautiful Catholic liturgy, and viewing it as a work of art may be very edifying to those who believe in the Catholic Faith, but there would be no valid sacrament no matter how pious the intent may be.  Even so, it seems unjust that God would be prevented from saving the soul of a dead baby simply because that baby's parents had not chosen to have them baptized.  Personally, I am inclined to believe that God would provide an extraordinary grace (baptism of desire) for the soul of the dead baby.  The culpability for being unbaptized would fall completely on the souls of the parents.  In cases of miscarriage or stillbirth, I don't think there would be any parental culpability.  It is a sin, however, and quite possibly a mortal sin, to delay an infant's baptism for an inordinate amount of time.

It's a nice thought, but dogmatically defined that the souls of those who die in original sin alone descend to hell where they are punished but unequally from those who are in mortal sin.

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