My Soliloquies on the kinds of torments of unbaptized infants.
(03-16-2017, 03:57 AM)richgr Wrote: Read the Catholic Encyclopedia article on this matter:

Assuming you're not making some confusions yourself in this subtle matter, you're holding a vastly minority viewpoint on an issue that is open to legitimate debate. Would you really hold to the idea that the majority of theologians held a view materially proximate to heresy on this issue, theologians who were thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about these matters? I feel there should be a little more caution treading here...

Also, it's fairly well established that we ought to accept the general consensus of the theologians, so if anything, to deny the traditional and majority teaching seems more evidently proximate to heresy.

I want to make it clear the only positive denial I advocate is this: that limbo is a state of perfect natural happiness.

Why? Because this is a reversal of the judgment of God. He exiled Adam and eve from the place and state of perfect natural happiness, and this exile is inherited in original sin. None of us are entitled to it, it has been taken from us as a just punishment.

Therefore, how can we admit it for infants who die without baptism without reversing the judgment of God?

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