My Soliloquies on the kinds of torments of unbaptized infants.

In the Gospel Christ descended into HELL to give them the news that Heaven was open again. Yes the word Hell was used, but it is unbelievable to think that Moses etc., were in the flames of Hell created for the devils and those who rejected God.

Mary of Agreda in her City of God wrote 'God created the earth  conjointly with the heavens in order to call into existence hell in its centre, for, at the instance of its creation, there were left in the interior of that globe spacious and wide cavities, suitable for Hell, Purgatory and Limbo.' St Thomas said hell had to be the furthest place from heaven, again confirming hell at the centre of a geocentric earth.

As Vox says to think that unbaptised souls would end up in the fires of hell is terrifying. I agree. Now I have often pondered on certain things that would horrify me and thought that if something horrified us humans, how greater that horror in the eyes of our all merciful God. If something appals us Catholics, how much greater would the Lord Christ view it?

Moreover, here is something I never saw debated. Will the souls and bodies of the unbaptised children be given full development of mind, body and soul at the end of our world? Will they be conscious of the loss of the Beatific Vision?
I have pondered on all of this all of my Catholic life and more so since abortion became a factor in my Catholic life, especially when the last two popes at least suggested such unbaptised babies MIGHT get into heaven. If that is so, I asked at a pro-life meeting, why would anyone object to babies going straight to heaven? Or will they remain in the state of babies, never having developed their bodies or more importantly their minds that would have given them the free will of choice. Here is another great mystery.

Limbo is a theological conclusion. It is like saying 2+2 has 4 as its conclusion. You cannot have one without the other. The Gospels say baptism is necessary for heaven, end of story. Mortal sin is necessary for hell.  Purgatory is the place baptised without mortal sin go to cleans the effects of sin before one can get into heaven. A dead child who has never sinned does not qualify for any of these three places. But God is infinitely just, so I believe what St Thomas believed, that God has found a place for them in which they will not suffer but have a peaceful eternity. It seems to me to be the only Catholic conclusion.


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