My Soliloquies on the kinds of torments of unbaptized infants.

Has anyone Ludwig Ott's FUNDAMENTALS OF CATHOLIC DOGMA (1952). Somehow a copy found its way into my life. It is a treasur of teaching of the Catholic Church. Catholic theology is 'infinite.' When a certain question comes up I often go see if the Church has dogmatised something or taught something less than that.
Browsing through its 500 pages on everything to do with God trying to find teachings on Baptism and those dying without it, I found something that puts paid to my 2+2=4 theology on baptism aired above on this thread.

It came under the subject matter that God desires that ALL: men are saved.
c) God gives all innocent unbelievers sufficient grace to achieve eternal salvation. (Sent. certa.)

There is at the bottom of this discussion it makes reference to children dying without baptism.

Against the universality of the divine desire for salvation it is objected that God does not sincerely and earnestly desire the salvation of children dying without baptism. To this is replied: God is not obliged by virtue of His desire for salvation, to remove, by miraculous intervention, all individual impediments which arise in the world order created by Him. These impediments arise from the created, secondary causes which have been established by the Divine Prime Causer, and which, in many cases, make vain the execution of the Divine desire for salvation. There is also the possibility that God, in an extraordinary manner, remits original sin to those children who die without baptism and communicate grace to them, as His power is not limited by the Church's means of grace. However, the existence of such an extra-sacramental communication of grace cannot be proved. (see doctrine of Creation, par 25)

I recall wondering where Pope John Paul II got his similar version of unbaptised innocents some years ago. I now see things differently. Yes, there is hope there in Catholic theology that these innocents will see the face of God. As Limbo is not a dogma, then the possibility exists. That is not to say we should not pursue the GUARANTEED grace and reward that baptism gives to a child, but can now pray that all innocents do get what God created them for in the first place.

What a comfort such hope can/could give to parents and families who have experienced the loss of a child before baptism could be administered.

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