Between flesh and bread: The autopsy of a Eucharistic miracle (Aleteia)
"The Polish Embassy to the Holy See has examined one of the most inexplicable phenomena in history.

Do you know precisely what a Eucharistic miracle is? Do you know how many there have been in the history of the Church and what it means? These are the questions that the Polish Embassy to the Holy See in Rome sought to answer through an unprecedented exhibition.

At the Polish church of St. Stanislaus in Rome, the Polish Embassy has just inaugurated an exhibition dedicated to Eucharistic miracles around the world. It presents an overview of all the Eucharistic miracles recorded throughout the history of the Church. The display is complemented by scientific explanations."

More here:
This article is linked in the article you posted. I read it yesterday and found it fascinating!

Carlo Acutis, who died at 15 years old, cataloged all of the Eucharistic miracles in the world. "We have always been expected in heaven."

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